Dear Albert

Going back pre-war there were four pigeon clubs on the Goldfields; namely The Boulder Racing Pigeon Club, The Goldfields National Homing Club, The Boulder Homing Club and the Eastern Goldfields Homing Club. The Boulder Racing Pigeon Club being the first club to use the Benzing Timer which were purchased through Livinson's in Perth for eight pounds ten shillings. I was President and OV Richards was Secretary. In 1947, the clubs decided to amalgamate and so the Goldfields Homing Association was formed. I was made president and Mr OV Richards Secretary and Mr Les White Treasurer. I am pleased to say I am still a flying member and was the first Life Member of the Club. With myself a organiser, numerous raffles were conducted and soon the club was financial enough to purchase a block of land in Whitlock Street, which is situated halfway between the two towns of Boulder and Kalgoorlie and so built their own club room. This was a great achievement as they were the first homing club in Western Australia to own their own club house. In previous years the club has flown the East line as far as Tarcoola in South Australia and as far as Minilya in West Aust and South to Esperance.

Each year the club conducts a show and exhibition of pigeons, plus a mob toss at the community fair, which creates quite an interest to pigeon fanciers and public alike.

You will have to excuse me Albert as my memory is not as good these days, but I do trust this has been of some help to you. I am enclosing some certificates which you the Presidents and Secretaries names over a few years, also a photo taken of the last year of the GNH of which you can see the blue Derby ribbon I was lucky enough to win. Unfortunately I cannot find a certificate going back pre-war when we flew a race from Perth 340 miles in 3.5 hours the pigeons flying a little better than 90m.p.h Of course that day the birds had a terrific tail wind, but nevertheless, that's the time they did it in. You will see I have added a lot more names to your list, some present, others past. Well, Albert, there is not much more I can add and I hope this has been of some benefit to you.

Cec Quaife



Cec Quaife (Inaugural President on formation of the G.H.Assoc.)
Les White Treasurer and OV Richards Secretary



WJ (Paddy) JohnstonCharlie BlackmorePaddy Carmody
Jack CunninghamFernie Bros (John & Robert)   Harry Lague
Ken LawrenceCollard & Son (Ron)Ted (Cut throat) Norton
Pud LawrencePhil HodgeBill N Chadwick
Bill SaddingtonR (Bob) KenworthySoftley Bros (Bert & John)
George ElliottRon BridgesJohn Thomas
Mick O'BrienE (Ted) PickeringMick Lock
Harry O'Brien & SonDon W BruceMurray Angus
R (Bob) WrayStan DanesJim Millwood
W (Bill) PidgeonWinstanleyPop Richards O.V.
Arthur McKayLes WhiteBill Woods
Stan McKayPeter ChadwickTom Angwin
Les DurbridgeGraeme HornbyTom Hodge & Son
Jim WilsonKevin CollinsEddie O'Donnell
R (Bob) AllenJack HewittKevin Young
Scotty BrysonAlbert SampsonW (Bill) Schutz
Cec GearingKen BlairJohn O'Hehir
Cedric (Buff) NorrisJack NealJohn Wilmott
Alan (Buff) ThomasKeith BowdenTed Brown
Jack CrannageJack Regan (Musgroves)Vern Ingram
Jim (Wicker) Crannage   Frank Regan (Railways)Brown (Son Cec Brown)
Ray CrannageRon PetersNorm Oliver
Jim RoweJ HindleMax Osborne
Scotty FraserH HarrisCharlie Slee


Goldfields National Homing Club, Foundation Members 1946
1946 First Place Certificate




Guy New
B Goodwin
Jim Harvey
Tony Panuzlic
Bob Harvey
Nobby Clarke

One year Norseman members flew with the Goldfields Homing Association and they travelled 200km each way to compete with GHA (as one club)


The Policeman at Norseman used to control the plug off. Times were read and phoned through. Clock papers, rubbers etc then mailed to GHA for confirmation. On long distance races they used to take clocks through to Kalgoorlie. How keen they must have been!