The Pigeon Racing Federation of WA (Inc) is the successor to the WA National Homing Combine which was established in 1935. The inaugural President of the Pigeon Racing Federation of WA (Inc) (PRF) was Mr R A (Bob) Cook and the Secretary was Mr Ron Ellard....  1963 was the first breeding season PRF Rings were used.

The Western Australian National Homing Combine
Came into existence in early 1935. Metal rings used were prefixed WANHC
Inaugural Patron: Mr A V Hunt,
Inaugural President: Mr M Mattner.

"The Combine was formed with the idea of improving and encouraging the sport of pigeon racing".

The first combine race ever held was the Combine Young Bird Derby flown from Kalgoorlie to Perth on 24 August 1935.
43 lofts sent a total of 324 birds.
1st A List & Richards, Maylands Homing Club, 1027ypm
2nd Lance Williams also of Maylands Homing Club
3rd C Cadd.

Note:   When this information was compiled in 1978/79 Bert Sampson made the following observation: "It is interesting to note that some of the top flyers of this era are still with us, notable Chris Spivey (87 years) George Mears, Jack Burge, Howard Hall, B Murtha?, D Rowe and Ron Passmore, although some do not compete in the sport now days. The WA National Homing Combine became The Pigeon Racing Federation of WA (Inc) in 1963.

First "Combine 100" held in 1936 - Source of information - Producers Review and WA Poultry News 27.8.1936."

WANHC/PRF early records

1932 Loongana 1100km, Mr A M Low, time 14 hours 50 minutes 58 Seconds. Released 5.12am Saturday, homed 6.37am Sunday, velocity 1302ypm.

1932 Cook 1400km L Hilder, time 18 hours 51 minutes - a world record for that distance.

1934 Barton 1625km C L (Lance) Williams 26 hours 51 minutes 40 seconds, velocity 1092.5ypm

1932 Rawlinna 900km C L (Lance) Williams 15 hours 23 minutes 17 seconds

1934 Rawlinna 900km Mr A E Ivey, 11 hours 37 minutes 36 seconds 1414ypm. Released Monday at 6.50am and home same day.