Bunbury Homing Club

The Bunbury Racing Pigeon Club was formed in 1947 and its foundation President was Mr Joe Bucknall and the foundation Secretary Mr C Cushworth.

Foundation members were Messrs Alf Summers, Kevin Stewart, Bernie Guile, Jim Wolferden, E Richardson.

The first birds that were flown in Bunbury came from Mr T Booth, Mr F Anderson (Victoria) Mr Jim Weaver, Mr P Timms, Mr Stan Stobie, Mr Wooton (Perth). All races were flown from the East line, only up until 1967, when, due to transport difficulties and increasing losses the club changed to the North line.

The Club has six life members, four of which are still flying today. Mr J Bucknall, Mr A Guile, Mr A Harwood, Mr B Guile, Mr J Winter, Mr D Cook (elder brother of Bob Cook from Perth).

In 1967, the Club took over the rebuilding of the hall at Picton Junction on the main highway and prize money was dropped for five years and only trophies were supplied to winners of races, membership also dropped to about a dozen during this building program. But now the club have a solid brick hall with all mod cons which is continually let for parties, meetings etc., and have the hall on a 99 year peppercorn lease. The revenue from our hall covers all expenses for the maintenance of same and all equipment required from year to year.

The past Presidents and Secretaries of the Bunbury Club, since formation, are:


Mr J Bucknall (1947 - 1950) B Guile (1951 - 1954) A Harwood (1955 - 1956) J Winter (1957 - 1960) D Cook (1961 - 1970) B Guile (1971 - 1972) A Harwood (1973 - 1974) J Hurley (1975) J Winter (1977)


C Cushworth (1947 - 1949) J Wolferden (1950 - 1956) B Guile (1957 - 1959) M Jones (1960) J Winter (1957 - 1960) D Cook (1961 - 1970) B Guile (1971 - 1972) A Harwood (1973 - 1974) J Hurley (1975) J Winter (1977)

Membership at the moment is 32, with average of 24 flying each week. The Club holds 22 races per year (12 bird limit). Membership fees for season $27.00 and $0.20c per bird for club races.

Of the 22 races in 1976, 14 different lofts were successful. To date 1977, 16 races have been flown and 10 different lofts have been successful.

The Club fly from eight different points commencing at Pinjarra 55 miles and up to Meekatharra 550 miles.

Club rings sell at $0.10c each, Derby rings $0.50c each with limit of 12 per member and Breeder Plate rings free at 6 per member. Prize money Breeder Plate 1977 $1600.00, Young Bird Derby $200.00. Club race prize money paid to third place and trophy supplied for all events.

The Club enjoys flying the North line. Any pigeon that has been six hours on the wing and has to fly over Perth late in the afternoon and keep going down the coast for another 115 miles is a fair bird.

All birds go by rail to all races and have given us excellent service over the years.

We think the Bunbury Club is as strong as any in Western Australia, both in assets and membership. Hoping that this will give a little information about our club.

Bernie Guile