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Is this for you? Have you have ever experienced the exhilaration of seeing a flock of birds flying free and simply enjoying themselves? Have you ever heard the soft cooing of pigeons and wonder where they go and what they do? If you have, then, maybe, homing pigeons might just be for you.


Pigeons are the most gentle of animals and can provide endless hours of study and enjoyment for the whole family. There is no other bird which can be genuinely freed for exercise, which genuinely has the opportunity to leave (and sometimes it does) and by its own choice, freely returns to the home and shelter provided by you. Add to this the miracle of witnessing your very own pigeons racing home from distant places. How do they know their way home? On each occasion it retains the same freshness and awe as the very first day it was ever experienced. The heart starts to beat faster, as each one arrives; the breathtaking beauty of that final power dive into the loft, at the end of a long day, a power dive that would even make a peregrine falcon blanch. Very few people outside of pigeon racing would ever see that rare flourish of aerial ability and, again, if only they could talk. They could tell us about the mountain ranges, the valleys, the deserts, the rivers, streams, and all the other amazing things they see on their unerring journey homeward. Truly, it is an amazing hobby.


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